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Born in the Big City of Boston, Ma, coming


by way of Columbia, SC. D.Bake is set to help


be an integral part of the Kingdom Building


process!  Ever since the start of his relationship


with God in 2015 who set him out on his own


personal journey of faith D.Bake has been on


fire for the Lord!  Believing that radio is his


current calling from God he currently host the


nationally syndicated radio show, “Keep


Pushing: The Journey of Faith” or KPJOF


Radio Show for short!  

     The KPJOF Radio Show stands by the principle understanding that it takes a man to make a man


thus the motto, “Men Mentoring Men” was adopted by D.Bake.  The radio show gives men a platform


to be able to share their trials, tribulations and success allowing other men to learn and grow.  By


developing the boy into a Man, the Man is able to go out into his community and be an impactful,


productive and driving force for the Kingdom of God!  This new Man of God will now feel empowered


to be able to make a change in his school, church, workplace and Family!

     We understand that this mission may seem a bit daunting at first thought.  That is why D.Bake has


chosen three elements, three pillars if you will, to help him with his overall mission of, “Men


Mentoring Men.”  They are Ministry, Mentorship and Music!  D.Bake’s aim is to use these to change


the lives of ALL Men he may come across.  His second motto is, “Changing Lives through Ministry,


Mentorship and Music!”

     The Ministry comes by the Word of God! The Bible!  The Mentorship comes from the participation


and willingness of Men to be transparent and share their journey.  And the music comes by way of


Christian Hip Hop!  The overall success of transforming boys into Men and Mentoring each other is


dependent upon all three of these pillars!  You WILL find all three of these in each show that D.Bake




     D.Bake’s prayer request is to be able to continue to fulfill the purpose

that God has for him in whatever that may be!

D.Bake WNRR Gospel 1380am
ALC Graduation
KPJOF FLYER Free Thinkers
Retirement Ceremony
KPJOF FLYER Kingdom Crunk'D
Captains Chair
United States Army Signal Ball

The KPJOF Radio Show

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