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 Jerry Wayne

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Jerry Wayne
Jerry Wayne
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Jerry Wayne "GOD SEE'S"
Jerry Wayne
Jerry Wayne
  Some artist’s are talented but then some are anointed and appointed to do what thus saith the lord with that being said allow us to introduce you to Jerry Wayne 23, young anointed and gifted Hailing from North Carolina.  Stepping on to the gospel scene with a new fresh sound that hasn’t been heard before under the guidance of Damion Murrill this young man is sure to be a positive and aspiring light to millions of people around the world.
  Raised in Greater Macedonia Fire Baptized Holiness Church Jerry was introduced to music at a young age singing and leading songs on the choir as young  as 5 years old, as well as always playing drums with his brother Daniel at 9 years old , following the musical roots from his families quartet group “The Golden Silvertones”.  Jerry grew up with a love for quartet but never aspired to have his own group thus he has always been solo.
  From that day forth Jerry Wayne devoted his life to God , There have been some bumps and bruises and I’ve constantly fallen short of the glory of the lord. Jerry told his pastor the only way ill step into the gospel field is if I can be real, I don’t wanna be one way on stage and another way off just lord let me be real.

  At the age of 20 Jerry learned about the goodness of the lord first hand, Jerry had a spinal cord surgery that left him paraplegic from the waist down, Jerry recalls it as so “ I remember it so vividly from losing the ability to walk and everything that had to with my waist down to the doctors telling me I wouldn’t be able to walk again to learning to forgive.  Remember crying out to the lord saying whatever you need me to do I’ll do it just heal my body lord!”


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